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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Bouquet of Gratefuls

This weekend I am grateful for:

Feeling so much better, weird how a week in bed sounds like bliss until you actually have to spend a week in bed, then all of a sudden it doesn't!!

I am grateful for dear friends and a lovely catch up in the Adelaide Central Markets. I haven't been to the markets for so so long, and after yesterday have decided to add it to my list of "do's" on a more regular basis.
I love the atmosphere, the gorgeous produce, the smells, the excitement of tracking down a fabulous buy,

being able to sample goodies before you buy
and eye off some wonderful delectables...
and possibly be tempted to buy!

I am also really grateful that my dear sister Annaliese has arrived safely
with her 3 boys from WA. She is off to Pt Lincoln today but we will catch up again next week when we head over to celebrate my Nan's 90th. Sisters are such blessings.

Remember to drop in for a cuppa at this house and take a sip or two more of gratefuls. Have a beautiful day.

TK xx


  1. Ah Yes! I can see you enjoying a day at the Central Market - it always gives me a buzz plus a good coffee and sweet treat help to light up my day. xx

  2. Oh yes - visits from family are "the best", enjoy your time with your sister!
    My French family have just been here for a month and I'm really missing them!
    Just done my first post in yonks - do come & see me!!!

  3. Hullo Tiffany, so glad you are out of bed and feeling better. Time spent with those you love the most is always good for the soul. Take care and keep well.

  4. How lovely getting to a market, I love them so! Love to you my friend xo

  5. I know exactly what you mean about bed. I can't last a whole day in there, even when sick. But out of it, getting back in is all I dream about!! Funny us! Glad you're better and had such a lovely time at the markets. x

  6. TK, It is LOVELY to see someone who values the good little things in life. LOVELY.

  7. Oh no! I missed this and didn't know you were a week in bed! :( Trust you're all fine now!
    your post is so lovely though!
    I love the central market! The vibe there is just fantastic. We try to visit once in a month or so.


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