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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mutton Days


I grew up on a farm
had an idyllic type of life
in many ways
but there is something
that sticks in
my gullet still.

The 70's were drought years
and farming families
lived off the land.
We had sheep
and so it went without
that lamb and
the older mutton
were a big part
of our diet.

I still can remember quite
the slaughter days
and the horrible smell
that emanated from
the sheds.

Dad bringing over the
sheep carcasses
in bloodied bags
ready for mum
to package up.

Mum had a mincer
which she would use
to grind mutton
for all kinds of
varied uses.

Saturday night was
often Roast Night
I don't have
many memories
of this.

But my horror
was Sunday lunch -
the whole drive
home from
Sunday school
would fill me with

I knew what was
it seemed to be always the same
Horrid grey fat lined
cold mutton!!!

I have set myself the challenge of writing a weekly anectdote, a little memory of a time in my life, joining in with Squiggly Sundays.

TK xx


  1. I love memories of the past, I love stories that were woven in other countries.
    Thank you for this precious post that for me opens a window on a life different from my own.

  2. I love this post TK. I love that I can see it and smell it and be a bit repulsed by it. My boy wants to involve ou girls in the killing and preparing of meat to eat and I often wonder if it will lead to memories like this one.

  3. Oh TK, thanks for sharing! My hubby won't eat Pork after staying at a Piggery on his school music camp!

    Love Rach xo

  4. Hullo Tiffany, I love your work, gosh just like Kate from Foxs Lane, I also felt a little repulsed by your words, and the feeling of dread being Sunday lunch. I did not grow up on a farm, but my grandparents lived on a farm. I have many memories of the reality of where our meat come from. Your memories brought back alot of my own childhood memories. Conversations had by adults long forgot, smells and textures tingling through my body. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Gosh! it's a long time since I've heard that word -mutton- and I wonder where the word originated from? lamb sounds fine even hogget is acceptable but mutton brings back memories of a smell I'd rather forget.


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