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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grateful......for NOT having to attend THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!

Did you watch THE WEDDING??? I did, I had no plans to but then ended up sitting with my sister and waited with bated breath to see Kate in THE DRESS! You see I was a real Diana fan....I can remember sitting in the common room at boarding school with a hoard of other boarders watching the beautiful girl bride that Diana was. This whole Royal Wedding has been handled differently...perhaps time has taught some lessons, lets hope so.

However I must say I am awfully glad I did not have to go through the whole sorry saga of sorting out an outfit fitting for just such an occasion. My heart goes out to poor Beatrice & Eugenie who have been slammed for their outfits and head pieces. Unusual choices yes, but after all we are all cut from a different cloth and the world would be a sad dreary place if we were all the same.

What would you have chosen if you were invited to the Royal Wedding?
Here are some of my picks.....but as you can see its left of centre and possibly not entirely suited.....

(all images courtesy Alannah Hill)

...so there you have it.

Have a lovely weekend and remember its bouquets of gratefuls over here.

TK xx


  1. I think they're all great outfits. Nice to shake things up a bit. Personally I think Eugenie and Beatrice pretty much got the reviews their outfits demanded. Sad but true. Kate was STUNNING. So elegant. Simple, really. Perfect.

    Seeing what all the people wore to the big day made me realise how BORING most people are with their wardrobe choices. And so WRONG for many of them. x

  2. I loved the wedding -being careful not to blink in case I missed something - just delightful! My favourite outfits on the day were Kate's Mother in her beautiful Catherine Walker outfit and the gorgeous David Beckham dressed to kill - oh la la!! Now what would I have worn?? Something in soft mint green and although not usually a hat person I think a little fascinator worn on the side and of course the highest of heels. Loved it all!

  3. I laughed at some of the head gear..but isn't that half the fun? I think it was an outlet for creativity when you look at all the conservative suits that were worn. Catherine looked stunning and the whole wedding party was beautiful, but best by far was her joy, obvious serenity and grace.

  4. Tiffany again I love your blog. Ok, currently in our caravan, we are missing alot of the media stuff that has and is obviously still going on about the wedding. We did see the wedding and Kate looked absolutely stunning and so lovely. I am so happy for them both, and I hope the media show them the respect the deserve. As for what I would wear to the wedding, I have to say I so love each of your choices. I love layers, I love lacey, I love tights and cardi's. I am not a fan of bagging what others wear tho, not at all. It is a free world, we are all unique individuals and so should be allowed to express ourselves thus. Thanks again for a great post.

  5. We don't have a TV and my broadband died yesterday so I missed all the fun!!! I was stuck to my laptop today and saw some photos but can't watch any videos as the connection is still so slow :( shame!
    I love Kate dress and think she's such a fine, lovely and elegant young woman! They seem both in love and I just happy and excited for them.
    In a a way I'm glad I've missed some of the broadcasting and reviews as I'm fade up with remarks such as "the lamest kiss in the world"... I personally think their kiss was the sweetest and so is everything about them.
    As for other people's outfits I see it exactly as you. Who are we to judge? The most important thing is that you should feel comfortable in whatever you were, as boring/unusual/extravagant it is. I also think it is a great outlet for your creativity and craziest dreams but again, everyone has different dreams.

    Have a great weekend Tiffani! Hope you're enjoying the rain!
    We plan on going to Marble Hill tomorrow as it is open to the public tomorrow! I've been there once and love the atmosphere of this place.

  6. Gosh, my interest in the whole thing has surprised me too.
    I was disappointed to have to miss out on a party on Friday night with a sick kiddo but I ended up thrilled and glued to the telly.
    I loved watching all the different dresses and hats and shoes.
    I do find it hard to imagine thjough that those tw princesses weren't given better styling advice. I heard Beatrice's head gear has its own facebook page.

  7. I agree about the two sad princesses, but our own Prime Minister needs fashion advice too. Her hair is usually lovely, but those clothes! Her hat for the wedding was totally unsuited to what she was wearing, and what she was wearing was totally unsuited to her body shape. Julia G would do well to get fashion advice from our G-G, Quentin always looks divine!

  8. Hi Lovely! I did watch it - we have no aerial - so I didn't think I would get too. I can't believe how excited I was, it did fade by about 9:30 though! Haven't been in blogland much this week, have missed you xoxox. Sending lots of love xo

  9. What a fun post!! I did not see the wedding and would have had no idea what to wear to it, had I been invited. Im not very style savvy. :)

  10. got to love Allanah hill, i would go with the top one!

  11. Wow Tiffany.... love your blog....& these "royal" fashions! Sooo exquistitely elegant! sending you love, Mary-Ann xoxo


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