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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grateful Thoughts

This weekend I am grateful for my reserve across the road. I live in the city but this is my touch of country...it goes on for miles and miles and is lovely at any time of the year.

I am grateful for some quiet me time that allowed me to sit and watch "Cairo Time". Have you seen this movie? If not, then do...it only goes 1 1/2 hours and is poignant and beautiful....a lovely interlude on a Saturday afternoon.

I am also grateful for my M's moments of artistic prowess. Isn't it just the best when your children make you something. I am so lucky to have this grimly and this sheep made for me...don't you think?

As always visit here for other reasons to be grateful...

TK xx


  1. How wonderful is that reserve! Those pics would never let on that you are a 'city chick'! Best of both worlds for you. x

  2. So lovely! I will do a post on why Squiggly Rainbow - I did touch on it briefly in one of my Asperger's posts last year - I think it was in December!

    Love to you
    Rach xo

  3. That reserve is amazing! I haven't heard of the movie but will google it now. And I think I'm your newest blog follower. I love the title of your blog.

  4. love the sheep! I must watch that movie "Cairo Time" I wanted to see it at the cinema but missed out! I'm thankful for dvd's

  5. What a wonderful treat that is. I wish I lived close to one but alas I live in the city so no such luck :) and I've wanted to see Cairo (that's how it was released here). I've heard such fabulous things about it :)

  6. Where is it? Can recognize but it looks beautiful.
    We have the Hazelwood park very near by and Morialta Falls within 5 minutes drive. We love walking there in the evenings.

    Cairo Time is on my to-watch list. I usually like your recommendation so I'll try now to get me a copy for this weekend!!

    P.S. Love this series of posts of yours. It always make me happy and think how grateful I am fo the little shiny things in my life.

  7. there is such peace here, in your words, friend...


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