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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Katie Mehlua Plays - Imperfect Prose

music plays softly

you court me

with this allure


playing right instruments

to my ear

I flourish in it

feeling special

one of a kind

it is only later

I find

that player has

nearly broken

being constantly on


My part in Imperfect Prose at Emily's place this week.
TK xx


  1. I love Katie Melua. You're the first person I've heard mention her though!

  2. smiles. can you play it again...

  3. ok, now I have to go and google Katie Melua. And TK, this little piece is just lovely. In my heart it does in words what the Nicoletta Cecolli picture on your sidebar does. Little bits of floating magic in a teeny box.

  4. Teeny-tiny and oh so lovely...

  5. This is beautiful, in all its simplicity!

  6. his tune it plays endless in our hearts, and he will never break our hearts... a touching, thoughtful post friend. thank you.


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