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Friday, April 1, 2011

Meadow Flowers - Imperfect Prose on Thursdays

I picked some flowers
for you today
a meadow full of flowers
wild, messy, straggly and torn
but flowers just the same

you looked at me
and asked with your eyes
the why,
but don't you get it
it is because, just because

this wild, mess of life
once knit so close
now lays bare
open bereft
straggled and torn

hearts once strong
beating lifes' path together
shaken and rent
sharp broken specks
of colour

I picked some flowers
for you today
a meadow full of flowers
wild, messy, straggly and torn
but loved all the same.

TK xx

Again I find inspiration via another blog and have joined in with Emily's Imperfect Prose...although this is actually a poem. The begininnings of this piece floated in my head after seeing Cathie's lovely photo here.


  1. Hullo Tiffany, oh this is lovely work again. I just had to then check out the photo you gained your inspiration from and it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I am going to go check out the blogs you have listed as your faves in the last post too, I just love visiting creative people. Have a wonderful weekend at your place.

  2. ohh TK that is absolutely wonderful to read.
    i love that you picked wild straggly flowers.

    you know when I picked those flowers we walked back from school drop off & I was soo looking forward to my cup of tea & saw these flowers and just quickly grabbed a handful in one go & thought they would look perfect in the jar as they were.

    thank you, i really do love your writing ♥

  3. Beautiful Tiffany - I was making up a poem in my head as I hung the washing out today and swept the driveway. It is something I had forgotten I liked! xo

  4. oh tiffany, i am so glad to have 'met' you... this poem is so pure and beautiful. a bouquet of words. i hope you'll keep linking with imperfect, friend.

  5. Poems are all good at Imperfect Prose. Straggled and torn, I like it. And thanks for sharing your inspiration. I popped over and checked it out.


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