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Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Musings....

I am taking my musings today from another blog I follow. Her post has me thinking...Heather over at Raining Silence linked the following video on her recent post...please take a couple of minutes out to watch it...

My dad keeps a journal and has been on at me for a while to record what happens in my life. My response has always been 'Well nothing exciting happens in my life' why on earth would anyone be interested in that!

BUT.....I am so interested in my grandpa's journalling (I only have faint memories of my grandpa as he died when I was 8) and the diaries my dad keeps....is that any more interesting??

Why do we so value what others do/experience/write but tend to diminish our own existence?

Will my M be interested in reading my notes and scribbles when he is older and want to have something to pass on to his children?

Will my life be interesting in 100 years???

I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you keep a journal? Do you like the idea??

Happy Musings, TK xx


  1. I used to keep a daily journal since I was 8 and until my girl was born, 3 years ago. Since then, unfortunately, I stopped, and although I do want to try again, I find it so hard!

    I think that once you start writing and get used to put your thoughts, wishes, experiences etc. on the paper in a regular daily basis, you start notice how interesting your life is.
    But even if you don't think so and 'just' write the most trivial, boring events, it has a special value when read a little later (much less than 100 years later! (-: )

    I read a my mum's journal from the time when I was a baby and it was absolutely astonishing to understand more about how she felt as a young mum. It was one of the most bonding experiences between us.

  2. It's why I started a blog! : ) I really should hand write in an actual journal, though. I know my son would rather hold a book of my words in his hands than read them on the computer. I agree with your dad! : )

  3. The lovely video was an inspiration to start a journal - but will I do it - maybe I'm like you Tiffany I don't think anyone would be interested in what happens in my life - it's not all that interesting. But in 100years time maybe some-one will be. xx

  4. I love the idea of a journal. I've never really kept one. The closest thing I have is the blog but it's not quite the same. So inspiring :)

    Hope your week is off to a wonderful start! xoxo

  5. ooh i love heather, and i love you dear friend! thank you for this inspiring post...


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