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Friday, June 17, 2011

Things My Son Has Taught Me

Our theme this week for Writing Group has been 'teacher' and this is my piece from that session. It still is raw and needs fiddling around with but it is a work in progress and may sit like this for a while.


the magic
of a thousand firsts
the whispers
of baby breaths
on my cheek
when I held you
as you slept
the delights
of a child's
world view
the serenade
of simple
nursery rhymes
the happiness
of your
cheeky deep chuckles
the freedom
of skipping
through leaves
the warmth
of a
million cuddles
the simplicity
of loving
without demand
the possibility
of infinite patience
the best in me
the very worst in me
this love
will never

TK xx


  1. Very special - I would leave it just as it is! just perfect. xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Gave me chills.

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie :) xoxo

  3. Oh so sweet. They grow up way too fast don't they?! Today my baby daughter turned 9, eeeek! Where does the time go? Am I making the most of it!?


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