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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Virus voices

virus / vaieres/ n. : any of numerous kinds of  very simple organisms smaller than bacteria, often able to cause diseases; fig. poison, source of disease (L, = poison)

My M is home from school.....again. He came back from his weekend at dad's very underpar and has got worse since. This seems to be an all too familiar story in our house. Last night I spent most of the night up with M as he was sick everywhere and naturally enough today I have had barely a spark out of him.

So off we go again to the doctor for a 'check up' and again I am told.....'its a virus!!!' Script for getting my M better: rest, rest, rest, liquids, keep temp down blah blah blah.

As a mum I feel so helpless watching my little M continually be unwell and yet we try and keep him warm, rug him up, feed him nutritious foods, don't allow too much junk to be consumed......I am really at my wits end.

We have just started work with a tutor for him and here I am in week 2 having to cancel it - this frustrates me beyond belief.  M canot really afford to miss time from school, he has issues with learning and this just exacerbates the problem.

He is due to commence 3 weeks school holidays at the end of this week, I question myself as to why we can't just get through to the end of term but here we are plugging through this final week.

Am I missing something here???? Am I failing him as a mum, should I be trying to do more, should I be demanding we see someone else ( I have tried several doctors).......

Here's hoping that tomorrow my M and I can do some phonics work at least...

TK xx


  1. I feel for you, Master S battles with illness often. Have you tried inner health? It is meant to be really good and Olive Leaf extract is great too.

    Just read to him lots over these next few weeks, you will be amazed how helpful that will be. A trip to the library - choose something on his best one or two interests and target him that way.... reading aloud to M each day will work wonders while he is resting too.

    Love to you xx Love to M too

  2. Sorry your little boy's not well. Don't beat yourself up & think you are failing as a Mum, you can only do your best.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you again soon xoxo

  3. Oh I'm so sorry to hear, sweetie. I hope he gets better real soon and don't be so hard on yourself. I bet that you're a fabulous mother and are doing the best you can :) xoxo

  4. oh friend... it's so easy to feel we've failed, isn't it? as women, we have many people in our care, but we need to take care of ourselves first and foremost... grace, sister. you are doing wonderfully. and i was so honored by your comment on my post, and yes, of course you can share it. blessings on you and your workload and on the loved ones in your life...

  5. oh TK, that is nothing to do with your abilities as a mum! too much mother guilt there.

    maybe he is tired, maybe he needs a break, maybe all the icky viruses at school have caught up with him.
    luckily there is only a couple of days left and he can have some holiday fun.

    I bet you are doing an awesome job as a mum, don't think you are not! sometimes they just get sick!

    give him all the cuddles he needs to get better, that's the best part of the job.

    hugs to you too, you definitely need them ♥

  6. Your aren't failing as a mum.

    Your son's health sounds a lot like mine - I've caught every virus going since I was little, and they really are just viruses. I am 'immune deficient' which means I have less white blood cells than your average person.

    You just have to look after him and hope his immunity develops. If it helps at all, my mum did what you are doing, and I turned out ok(if still frequently ill). :)


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