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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Am I Doing??

Its Wednesday, middle of the week day, and I wonder where the time has gone.......today I am:


Making a luscious pork dinner

Having a conversation with Shaun (we are currently like ships passing in the night)

Trying to get on top of the washing

Making biscuits for school lunches

Phoning my nan

Writing to a friend

Attempting to watch a movie that is way past due at the library

Walking in the crisp winter air


Taking my M to football training

Cleaning my floors

........I wonder what are you planning to do today??

TK xx


  1. Visited my placement school and met my supervisor! Browsed online shops (with no avail) to find suitable teacher wear. Washed the dishes. Cuddled our cat. School drop-off twice. Master S had fallen in a muddy puddle. School pick-up. Planning on supervising Master S cooking Taco's for dinner. Kids to bed. A drop of wine and some knitting. We could have fitted in that cuppa maybe?

    Love to you xx

  2. My plan today was to make someone special a certain dress.... :)

  3. Today I am blogging, cantching up on other blogs, cleaning and washing clothes, cooking, maybe baking, and doing a little sewing.


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