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Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Years Day In A Cafe

this piece was written with so much hurt......a little piece of my heart never recuperated from this affair......but time has made it kinder on my heart, my mind and my soul.....


you sat there
long legs
under the table
across the floor
touching my chair
wanted you to
touch my hair
whisper in my ear
that New Years Day

you sat there
face smiling
eyes smiling
slow easy grin
wanted you to
touch my lips
caress my lips
kiss with
finger tips
that New Years Day

we sat there
drank coffee
spoke riddles free
told you things
private things
previously only known
to me
weakened resolve
I knew I wanted you
that New Years Day.

Joining in with Imperfect Prose

TK xx


  1. thanks for sharing this tk - just a moment of want and need and life is unbalanced for years..can feel you in these lines

  2. Love this. I thin a lot of us can relate to this scene. My wife and I first professed our shy love in a cafe, 11 years ago Sunday.

  3. Sweetie this is beautiful. I have chills. Thank you so much for sharing this xoxo

  4. i can feel the chemistry in this, friend :)

  5. Beautiful poetry - lovely thoughts!

  6. Hullo Tiffany, oh this is so lovely. Such emotion feeding through your words. I love it.

  7. Your piece gave me goosebumps Tiffany.
    Such strength in those yearning words.


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